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Uninformed or Educated? Naive or Aware?



Many of us are working at our jobs, or busy with our families, and aren’t aware of the complexity of legalizing medical marijuana and the consequences.

I didn’t even know my state had passed a law legalizing medical marijuana!

And yet I found myself imbedded in the marijuana industry as a security consultant.

I soon realized I was in the middle of a timely subject.

But I thought, how complicated could this controversy be?

My education from hands on experiences and detailed resulted in me developing a detailed opinion about the debate.

The unfortunate thing about this debate is that it’s a debate of complete opposites; very few advocates of either side seem to want to find a middle ground.

In addition, the two sides really don’t seem to like each other.

I learned that based on overwhelming anecdotal evidence and testimonials, there can be absolutely no doubt that medical marijuana can be of great help as a medicine to counteract the effects of certain diseases if not the diseases themselves.  Not uncommon diseases either — but diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, and PTSD.  To deny that treatment option in some cases, especially when dealing with children, is easily seen as cruel at best.

However, because marijuana is still a federal Schedule 1 drug, there has been no legitimate medical research performed using proper double blind studies to show what strains of marijuana with what relative percentages of CBD and THC and in what doses are effective for the treatment of what diseases at what stages.

So how can the medical establishment as a whole be compelled to prescribe and support such medication, especially when doctors are being sued every day for bogus malpractice?

It’s also hard to blame the federal legislature for not changing the law when law enforcement is telling them what the consequences are for addictive drugs hitting the street in force.

And to add to the complexity of the issue, virtually no pro medical marijuana advocates are not also pro recreational marijuana advocates.  This does not help their position.

In most cases they come across as stoners who just want to do what they want and are using a medical reason to support their position.

The legitimate medical marijuana industry doesn’t help either.

In my experience within the industry it is clear that a large percentage of certified ‘patients’ are in fact recreational users who have found a like-minded doctor.   They don’t even try to hide it.  And, the industry itself does not help the medical establishment by publishing what strains and what cannabinoid percentages are working to help what diseases, perhaps for proprietary reasons.

How can they expect the medical establishment to prescribe something when they won’t even share with each other on what works?

It should be no surprise that a large lobby group against the use of medical marijuana is the pharmaceutical companies.

Some politicians are concerned about the addictive qualities of medical marijuana but say nothing about the recreational use of alcohol or cigarettes, where the negative effects are well documentedQuite hypocritical.

Unfortunately, because of the chaos described here, what should be an industry producing a legitimate medicine is being handled in a broken and largely unsuccessful manner.

Meanwhile, real patients are suffering that could be helped.

How can both sides be put in a room with a locked door until a solution is found!

Passion, distrust, and darn right hatred….over a plant!

And thus my novel-based-on-fact “The Marijuana Project.”  I’d love you to read it and hear your opinion!

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