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Real Life in “The Marijuana Project?”

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My novel is full of real life stories. The stories in “The Marijuana Project” have elements of truth from my personal experiences.

My experience as a security consultant and having taken on a medical marijuana production facility client is what gave me the inspiration to write the book. It also gave me the knowledge to confidently write the content within.

It was very important that this book be realistic.

All the security and medical marijuana elements in the book are real world ideas and practices.

Even the main characters are based on real people in my life. They are changed in some way to conform to the story, which was a lot of fun to do knowing who the character really is, but the essence is the real person. Using real people was probably what was the most fun in the writing process. And, the main character Sam in my novel is based on me.

I never intended to have a writing career.  In fact, I was a math and science guy.

For whatever reason, I’ve developed this creative side later in years.

I’m not sure I see writing as a full-time profession, but I definitely see it as something I will continue to do.

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