a novel about medicine and morality

Medical Marijuana: Timely and Divisive

Illustration of an USA flag icon with a marijuana leaf

Medical Marijuana is certainly a hot topic today.

My audience includes those interested in the medical marijuana debate, those interested in ethical dilemmas, and those who enjoy a fiction suspense novel.

The main thing I hope “The Marijuana Project”  will add to the discourse is a better understanding that medical marijuana is not a black and white issue.

Both sides of the debate have legitimate points and those differences ultimately need to be accepted and worked out in order for medical marijuana to become a widely accepted form of patient care used to its full potential.

In fact, I believe that most people don’t know anything at all about medical marijuana!

When I took on a medical marijuana production facility as a client, I learned just how complicated the issue of medical marijuana really is and just how little I knew about the subject.

I developed a plot in my mind and used my expertise in security and experience in the medical marijuana field to explain details of both industries and the ensuing ethical dilemmas woven within a suspense story.

My book explores and details both sides of the issue within the contents of a fun suspense novel.



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